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By entering the investor zone, you (“you”) as Limited Partners of funds (“Funds”) managed or advised by Arle Capital Partners Limited will receive information (the “Confidential Information”) in relevant to the Funds including but not limited to information in respect of assets in which the Funds have directly or indirectly invested.

To enter the investor zone, please read and confirm your acceptance of the following legal confidentiality notice. You will only be asked to read this notice once. You shall not, and shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure that every person connected with or associated with you and/or granted access to the Confidential Information by or through you as agent or otherwise (including but not limited to your affiliates, parent and subsidiary undertakings, subsidiary undertakings of such parent undertakings and directors, officers, employees, officers, advisers and potential equity and debt financiers of such undertakings) (your “Representatives”) shall not disclose to any other person, firm or corporation or use to the detriment of Arle Capital Partners Limited, Arle Capital Management Limited and any of their respective affiliates, parent and subsidiary undertakings and subsidiary undertakings of such parent undertakings any Confidential Information which may have come to his or its knowledge as a result of having access to this site and/or the investor zone unless required to do so by law or by the regulations of any relevant stock exchange or other regulatory authority to the rules and regulations of which you or your Representatives is subject, provided that if you or your Representatives is the trustee of a unit trust or which is itself a collective investment scheme or other fund vehicle shall notwithstanding this clause be entitled to communicate Confidential Information proposed investments to its investors from time to time if required to do so under the terms of the unit trust deed or other constitutional documents relating to such collective investment scheme or fund vehicle or such disclosure is typically of a type and nature made or contemplated to be made as a matter of course in relation to investment funds in which the investor invests provided that you shall ensure that any such investor is bound to respect confidentiality unless required by law. The obligations set out in this notice not apply to any information which is publicly available or is received from sources other than the Arle Capital Partners Limited or any limited partner in the Fund in which you have invested or any director officer employee or agent of either thereof and in all such cases is not so received subject to any obligation of confidentiality and, notwithstanding this clause, you and your Representatives shall be entitled to disclose such information to (i) its directors officers employees and professional consultants and those of its associates who are not at the relevant time engaging in any business which competes with that of the general partner or any of its associates, (ii) any other limited partner, or (iii) any person to which it offers or contemplates (on a bona fide basis) offering or engages in bona fide discussions in order to sell or sells all or any part of its limited partnership interest, subject to any such person agreeing to be subject to the confidentiality obligations in this clause. Notwithstanding anything before mentioned in this notice, in respect of Confidential Information required to be disclosed to investors (as mentioned above) or by law, regulations of any relevant stock exchange or other regulatory authority to the rules and regulations of which you or your Representatives are subject), disclosure shall be permitted provided that you inform us prior to such disclosure, to the extent permitted by law.